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hedge funds to digital assets
powered by - Web3/ AI  tech


"The blockchain is the most  significant technology since the internet".



From concept to distribution in five weeks. We take a hedge fund to a digital security for distribution on a P2P or blockchain to smaller investors.



24x7 decentralized. automated regulated private markets. We leverage the power of AI, Web3 with blockchain, technology for best and most secure transactions.



We open the door to a global regulated marketplace at T+O transaction with complete transparency. The investor owns the assets of the security token with either crypto or fiat capital.

 own shares of the assets in the token, not just the digital rights!


The perpetuity of the token within the secondary market ensures Hedjit will generate value long after its launch onto any regulated token exchange platform from management, subscription, redemption, distribution, and most importantly in a secure safe digital wallet and deep forensic due diligence on all trades globally for our investors.

"The combination of AI, Web3 and blockchain has the potential to revolutionize industries, enabling trust, transparency, and efficiency at an unprecedented scale."

With Hedjit this new technology can enhance data privacy and security, ensure  integrity and promote decentralized collaboration. These synergies can lead to more robust and transparent systems, unlocking new opportunities and applications across various domains.


The Hedjit Team

Hedjit is a dynamic organization composed of highly accomplished experts in finance, asset management, capital raising, business development, and investment banking our professionals have consistently excelled in managing, creating, and distributing hedge funds over the past few decades.


This as well, as experience in constructing and overseeing multiple Onshore Ireland regulated/and Offshore Cayman fund platforms for international fund managers. Drawing upon our extensive experience and deep industry knowledge, we possess the capabilities to transform your hedge fund into a security token facilitating its creation and widespread global distribution on an blockchain exchange or P2P platform.

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We wrap any hedge fund in an efficient, digital security token for global distribution.

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